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To order a call



Gloria-Impex Company offers to your attention the whole complex of customs brokerage services for large and small enterprises, as well as for private entrepreneurs-individuals. Namely:

  1. accreditation at customs;
  2. preparation of a package of customs documents, professional translation into English, German and Polish;
  3. declaration of goods, registration of customs declaration;
  4. definition of the UKTZED code;
  5. registration of international phytosanitary, veterinary certificates, as well as certificates of origin of goods;
  6. customs clearance in the following modes: import, export, re-import, re-export, transit, temporary importation, customs warehouse, processing in the customs territory;
  7. calculation of customs value;
  8. Round-the-clock legal support and advice on all matters concerning cooperation with customs. Representation in disputes with state customs authorities.

Gloria-Impex Company has many years of experience and reputation among its regular partners. This is the speed of decisions in favor of business, not departing from the rules of law. This is high quality customs services and round the clock support - we are always in touch.

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