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Customs clearance of imports

When customs clearance of goods in the territory of our country there are a number of legal rules and rules for the import of goods. Some legal aspects change from time to time and you need to monitor constantly all the nuances of the matter - in order to avoid difficulties at customs. To keep your business running smoothly, Gloria-Impex specialists will help you to carry out customs clearance of import of goods in the shortest possible time. When contacting our company, you will find a reliable partner and friend in one person. We, just like you, are interested in our reputation, so we provide every businessperson with 24-hour support and advice on all issues related to customs clearance.

Gloria-Impex Company will quickly and qualitatively provide customs clearance of goods from the moment of import to the territory of the country until dispatch to your warehouses and shops. And:
  1. set the exact UKTZED code for the imported product.
  2. make a preliminary calculation for payment of customs duties.
  3. prepare the documents for customs clearance of imports. In particular:
    • import declaration, accompanying cargo documentation;
    • documents concerning the implementation of the company of foreign economic activity as a subject of FEA;
    • registration of foreign trade agreements, invoices;
    • documents for transportations;
    • list of documents from the bank;
    • invoice for imported goods;- professional translation of documents into English, Polish and German.

The company "Gloria-Impex" carries out customs clearance of cars and trucks, trailers and semitrailers - both for legal entities and individuals. We work with the import of goods of any volume and complexity.

Pass the responsibilities and concerns of customs clearance of goods imports into customs professionals!

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