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Customs clearance of export

When carrying out foreign economic activity, enterprises need to carry out customs clearance of export of goods from Ukraine. At this stage, as a rule, many questions arise about filling customs declarations, paying customs duties, submitting supporting documents, translating them into foreign languages, as well as compliance of the prepared documents with the laws that regulate customs activity in our country. What should you know about a company that plans to export their product?

  • the specifics of the future export operation should be indicated - whether it will be ordinary export of goods, or temporary export, or export of raw materials for further processing, etc.
  • the company must enter into an agreement with the customs broker to represent its interests at customs.
  • the customs broker establishes the UKTZED code for the exported raw materials or products, prepares a list of necessary supporting documents (customs declaration, certificate of origin, invoice, permits, etc.).
  • the accreditation at the customs of the company itself as a participant of foreign economic activity, the conclusion of contracts and verification of their legal compliance with the requirements of customs authorities and banking structures.
  • loading of goods for export from the country, in parallel is the final preparation of a complete package of accompanying documentation. Your customs broker completes the export of goods outside the country and sends the entire package of documents to the carrier and, accordingly, to you - the exporting company.

Gloria-Impex specialists carry out customs clearance of export of goods and cargoes of any complexity. Support and counseling are available around the clock. Cooperation with us guarantees you confidence and stability for your business.

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