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Definition of code of UKTVED

When declaring goods that are being imported into Ukraine or exported abroad, it is extremely important to choose the correct commodity code according to the Ukrainian Classifier of Goods of Foreign Economic Activities - UKTZED code.

The classifier itself divides all goods into the relevant sections, divisions and groups, and forms the basis for further determination of the amount of duty. The codes of UKTZED are indicated in the customs declaration.

It is worth remembering that if the product code for the product is incorrectly set, the UKTZED code may result in violation of customs rules, protocol drafting and a fine. And given the large number and variety of UKTZED codes, it would be advisable to contact a customs broker. Experienced Gloria-Impex specialists will help you to select all the data you need from the classifier correctly, as well as draw up a customs declaration and supporting documents.

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