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Customs accreditation

For businesses and individual entrepreneurs - subjects of foreign economic activity, the first step for business continuity is accreditation at customs, or, in other words, registration at customs.  It is a process that involves collecting and submitting the required package of documents and registering with the customs authority. After being taken into account, directly in the process of conducting foreign economic activity, business entities face the need for further legal support and assistance in solving many new problems and issues. It happens just so, that laws change from time to time, as do working conditions with existing customs authorities. The current legislation allows businesses to be registered in any customs unit in the territory of Ukraine, but this usually happens at the place of doing business.

The list of necessary documents for accreditation of the enterprise at the customs of Ukraine is given below:

  • application - filled in by your customs broker in a special  software;
  • full name of the head of the enterprise, identification number, passport data and contact telephone number;
  • full name of the chief accountant of the enterprise, his identification number, passport data;
  • passport data and identification codes of persons who have been delegated representative powers from the enterprise to work with customs authorities;
  • extract from the State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine;
  • certificate from the bank on opening settlement and currency accounts of the enterprise;
  • information in any form about tax inspection, in which the enterprise is registered;
  • excerpt from the charter of the enterprise, which states the right to conduct foreign economic activity;
  • Certificate of Statistics Office on entering the enterprise in the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine;
  • VAT payer certificate (if any);
  • the completed card of the account of the person carrying out transactions with the goods (accreditation card) and its electronic copy.

Gloria-Impex customs brokers will give you a free consultation on the registration of the company at the customs, as well as help you quickly and efficiently apply for registration, prepare with you a complete package of all the necessary documents. Thanks to many years of experience in customs brokerage, Gloria-Impex has established itself as a reliable and proven business partner in the Western region of Ukraine. We provide legal support to all customs offices in our country without exception.

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